B.C. Rich in the House! Ibanez Update!

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Hi folks,

Why oh why did BC Rich do me like that? Yea, I have finished the serial number database entry for BC Rich but doesn't mean I'm happy about it. Let's just say countless hours of head scratching, pouring through photos and used ads of their guitars and I still don't know what the hell they were thinking....

Suffice to say BC Rich has the most schizophrenic serial numbering system of any manufacturer out there. But it's done and dusted for now. Not to say the entry is perfect, as there's just not much information out there to go on, but I think it's the most complete picture of their serials around on the web.

The other serial info for BC (including on their own website) is scant and fairly inaccurate.

Ibanez, which is #2 in complexity I've come across, still was way better than BC. Again, lots of misinformation out on the web and to get the real story, I needed to look at hundreds of Ibanez guitars/basses out in the wild and see what the real story was.

Tough couple weeks but now on to (hopefully) greener serial pastures with some upcoming entries I'm looking at: Hofner, D'Angelico, Samick and Tokai. Already got the basic framework done on some of them so expect more serial number goodness soon. Cheers!

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