Still Kickin Music Relic Guitar Gallery!

If it bleeds, it leads:

Fender Squier Telecaster Esquire Butterscotch "Blood" relic (see more pics)

When we say we pour our "blood, sweat, and tears" into our relics we're not kidding. This Squier took offense to our sanding off its logo, and possibly to us burying its neck pickup under a pickguard (cause it just looked better!). Take a look at the headstock where the "Squier" logo used to be and you'll see a suspicious looking brown stain. A vicious protruding G string end took me unawares and I bled out a tad there (yowch!). I don't think bodily fluids necessarily add mojo to a relic, but in this case, a little unintentional bloodletting just seemed to fit the bill. Maybe the bloodstained headstock will imbue its new owner with demonic crossroads-like ability...or maybe it's just kinda gross. I'm still not sure.

fender telecaster mild relic


Fender 60s Road Worn Stratocaster Sunburst extreme relic (see more pics)

Like many of our relics, this guitar was "found art." We strove to take what we found and make it better...(read more)



Gibson 60s Les Paul Tribute Honey Burst heavy relic (see more pics)

The Gibson Tribute line comes from the factory with a thin nitro finish, so it doesn't take much...(read more)


Fender USA Precision Bass Special Shell Pink relic (see more pics)

First off, pink seems to be a love it or hate it type color. we think shell pink (or Pepto-Bismol pink) looks awesome... (read more)


Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker medium relic (see more pics)

This Gibson Melody Maker had a pretty translucent finish that showed some amazing wood grain underneath...(read more)

gibson les paul melody maker relic guitar


Gibson G-3 Grabber Bass 70s vintage relic (see more pics)

This bass came to Still Kickin in pretty ugly condition. The black finish looked like it hadn't been polished since the 70s...(read more


Gibson 60s Tribute Les Paul Tobacco Sunburst relic (see more pics)

gibson 60s les paul tribute sunburst

Fender Tom Delonge Squire Stratocaster white heavy relic (see more pics)

fender tom delonge strat white relic squire


Gibson 60s Tribute Les Paul Goldtop relic (see more pics) 


Fender Squier Telecaster Butterscotch light relic (see more pics)

Fender Squire telecaster butterscotch tele relic guitar

Gibson 1998 SG-Z Platinum heavy relic (see more pics)

1998 SG-Z Platinum heavy relic

 Fender Squier Tom Delonge Stratocaster Seafoam Green relic (see more pics)

Fender Tom Delonge Stratocaster Surf Seafoam Green

V. Wade Contreras has been the owner of Still Kickin Music since 2007. He played for years in bands in the LA area. Now that he has a wife and kid and needs to eat more than Ramen once in a while he makes a living buying and selling really cool used guitars.


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