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GIBSON CORVUS I VINTAGE 1983 Rare Green Crow Can Opener Guitar Very Clean! 3531

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Rare, wild Gibson Corvus I from 1983. Very clean condition. Great sounding pickup. 
This is a 1983 Gibson Corvus. Very clean for its age. Amazingly no major dings or scratches. You'll see minor playing marks throughout, as it's not been stored in a closet the last 34 years. Some really nice checking all along the back of the neck and headstock, as well as some beginning on back of body. All original, nothing's been changed. Frets and ebony fretboard are in excellent condition. The single humbucker pickup sounds amazing. Stock bad ass style bridge. Guitar is playing excellent. It's ready to play and enjoy. Weight is 6 pounds, 15 ounces. I read one review that said you can expect the value of the "ugly" early-80s Gibsons to double every 10 years. This guitar is a good investment to play or collect. Production numbers were thin and it will only go up in value. No case. Ask any questions before buying. Thanks.


Wiki Info

The Gibson Corvus was a short-lived series of guitars produced by the Gibson Guitar Corporation in the mid-1980s. It featured a solid body with an offset V-cut at the tail, which led it to be colloquially known as the "can opener" guitar. If the guitar is turned sideways,[1] it looks as if it is the shape of a crow in flight. Corvus is the Latin word for crow.

The Corvus was sold in three model variations: 

Corvus I - one humbucker pickup, volume, and tone knob.

Corvus II - two humbuckers, volume, and tone knobs.

Corvus III - three single coil pickups, a five-way switch, one volume, and one tone knob.

An upscale Corvus with a set rather than bolt-on neck was marketed under the name "Futura" (not to be confused with the Explorer prototype).

The Corvus was one of several new models designed to renew interest in Gibson guitars. It was discontinued after two years due to poor sales. The Corvus is featured in the video games Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero III.


Manufacturer Info

From 1982-84, Gibson produced this oddly shaped guitar, which from the front looked like a can opener and from the side, looked like a crow in flight. The latter comparison was intentional (“Corvus” is actually Latin for “crow”). The former comparison? Not so intentional. “The body shape of the Corvus resembles a battle-ax,” Carter says. “This is one of the goofiest of all Gibson models, and its rarity is well-deserved. Production totals are unavailable.” Three versions of the guitar emerged in the early ’80s: Corvus I, Corvus II and Corvus III, with the numerical notation representative of the number of pickups. Over the years, this guitar has fallen into the so-ugly-it’s-cool category amongst some collectors. Its appearance in the Guitar Hero video game series has renewed interest in them of late.

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