ALESIS Q20 Vintage Multi-Effect Rack Unit Reverb Delay Chorus Digital i/o 11119

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Great effects unit from the 90s that still holds its own today. 

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This is a great Alesis Q20 pro 20-bit multi-effect unit. These units have a bevy of useful reverbs, delays, chorus, flanging, pitch shift, and many other patches. They also have a very intuitive 8-block architecture that lets you stack up to 8 effects visually in the display to make your own patches. 100 factory programs, plus 200 more user programs you can set. Multiple in/out options with stereo TRS, XLR and S/PDIF or optical digital i/o. All functions work great and the display backlight is strong. When these came out in the 90s they went new around $800 and were being compared to high-end Lexicon stuff. Five years ago their stock was high and I sold them for over $1000. They are now back under the radar, so it's a good time to buy before they get hot again. (More pics below.) Can email PDF copy of the manual on buyer request. Thanks for looking. 

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