ALESIS Q20 Vintage Multi-Effect Rack Unit Reverb Delay Chorus Digital i/o 22354

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Great effects unit from the 90s that still holds its own today. 

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This is a great Alesis Q20 pro 20-bit multi-effect unit. These units have a bevy of useful reverbs, delays, chorus, flanging, pitch shift, and many other patches. They also have a very intuitive 8-block architecture that lets you stack up to 8 effects visually in the display to make your own patches. 100 factory programs, plus 200 more user programs you can set. Great in/out options with stereo TRS, XLR and S/PDIF or optical digital i/o. I usually sell these around $600 to $700. Asking half as much simply for one little piece of rack ear missing. Common weakness on these and they still rack up fine with three rack screws. All functions work great and the display backlight is strong. 

Can email PDF copy of the manual on buyer request. When these came out in the 90s they went new around $800 and were being compared to high-end Lexicon stuff. Five years ago their stock was high and I sold many for over $1000. They are back under the radar, so it's a good time to buy before they get hot again. Thanks for looking. 

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