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Aphex 228 8 Channel Unbalanced to Balanced Line Level Converter Bump Box

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Convert -10dBV consumer devices to +4dBu professional studio systems.

This is a studio workhorse that is a real problem solver. Anytime you want to use consumer grade equipment such as CD/record players, computer output, etc in your studio you have to deal with a lower -10dBV output level. The Aphex 228 brings those signals up to pro standard +4dBu level with no added noise. It can do this for 8 channels, or 4 stereo pairs. This unit comes from a professional post-production facility where it was only used by pros in a temperature controlled environment. It has minor marks from use. Power cable included. I can point buyer to a link if they wish to download the manual. I may end auction early if these sell elsewhere. Thanks for looking.

The 228 from Aphex, is an eight-channel, unidirectional, unbalanced to balanced line level converter. The unit is perfectly suited to both studio and live environments, especially with the gaining popularity of multi-channel sound, where there is the need to connect "consumer/semi pro" equipment within high-end audio installations. To maintain audio source integrity, the 228 pairs ground loop isolating unbalanced inputs, with high-voltage impedance balanced outputs. Extensive monitoring of the signal flow is provided by front panel VU meters that indicate audio presence/level, and clip overload, on a per channel basis. Individual levels can also be finely adjusted using dedicated front-panel trim pots, for settings anywhere between reference level and unity gain. For theatre applications, the front lights can be dimmed as desired.

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