Rocktron RX2H Exciter / Imager / Hush II Stereo Sonic Maximizer

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This is a Rocktron RX2H Exciter/Imager/Hush II. The unit is in good working condition. Both channels have been tested and all functions are working. Power cable was replaced at some point. I may end auction early if it sells elsewhere. Thanks for looking.

Manufacturer Info
The RX2H Exciter/Imager/Hush II is a professional dual-channel psychoacoustic processor which enables the user to add brightness, clarity, definition and intelligibility to audio signals.

The inclusion of Rocktron's Hush II noise reduction insures that the RX2H is the quietest psychoacoustic enhancement device available. The RX2H provides greater user control than other exciter type devices, with outstanding performance features. The RX2H has countless applications for studio, live use, home, broadcast, telecommunications, tape duplication, and more.

Key Features
• Exciter / Imager / Noise Reduction Unit
• Dual-Channel Operation
• Great for Guitar & Bass

Today's professional production requirements demand a versatile tool like the Rocktron RX2H Exciter/Imager/ and this device will prove to be one of the greatest assets within your system. The inclusion of Rocktron's HUSH II noise reduction insures that the RX2H is the QUIETEST psychoacoustic enhancement device available.

While NOT adding noise to your program, this unit will add that sparkle of realism and increase the PERCEIVED loudness ( without adding a measurable increase in volume). 

All of the controls are duplicated for each channel for maximum versatility and user control.

The RX2H phase controls offer much greater user control through notching and tone simulation that no EQ can duplicate. This will help you mold and broaden stereo images.

The RX2H will make low frequencies much more intelligible while only processing signals above 500HZ.

The HUSH II incorporates the principles of low level expansion and dynamic filtering. A dynamically controlled low pass filter is used which opens and closes the bandwidth dependent upon the amount of high frequency information in the audio signal.

The second half of the HUSH II process incorporates downward expansion. Low level downward expansion takes place when the signal level drops below the threshold point, which is adjustable via the front panel. Once the signal level is below the threshold, the amount of expansion increases as the signal level decreases.

These two HUSH II process work in conjunction to provide up to 30dB of single-ended noise reduction.

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