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MARSHALL SILVER JUBILEE 25-50 Mini Full-Stack Amp 3005 Lead 12 UK 80s Vintage

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This is a vintage late 80s, probably 1989 (serial W09549) Marshall Silver Jubilee 25-50 mini stack amp. These are the original 3005 Lead 12 solid state 12 watt amps made in the UK that have that Marshall sound. They have a straight cab and slant cab, both outfitted with Celestion G10D-25 16ohm 10" speakers. Features include High and Low inputs, Gain/Volume/Treble/Mid/Bass controls. Two speaker outs, DI/Line Out, and even Headphone Out. Made from 1985 to 1991, these have been used by name players like Joe Bonamassa and Billy Gibbons. Cosmetically, this is  a real looker. Gray tolex in very good shape overall. No rips in speaker grilles. Only minor small marks to be found on this. Pretty good for a 30-year-vintage amp. However, at 30-years-old, please be aware this is not a new amp. If you're looking for a museum piece, please look elsewhere. Small, lightweight, great for practice amp, studio, or small gigs. You can get full distortion at low volumes with the Gain, but my favorite sound is with both Gain and Volume dimed. That's where this little demon starts to roar. Comes with power cable but no speaker cables. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS OR QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CONDITION--ASK BEFORE BUYING! THIS WILL NOT BE EASY TO PACK/SHIP. Thanks for looking!



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