dbx 160A COMPRESSOR / LIMITER Overeasy Compression Pro Owned USA 4 Available

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Industry standard dbx compressors. Ready to smooth your sound.
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These dbx 160A compressor limiter units are in great working condition. Price is $299/each. These five units come directly from a climate controlled professional post-production facility and have only been used by professional engineers. I have tested them all myself. All knobs and buttons work great. The dbx 160A gives you great sounding transaparent compression with very simple controls and well-known Overeasy compression technology. These are Made in USA models (not all dbx units are), and they have XLR and 1/4" inputs/outputs. Power cable included. If you request it, I will print you out a manual I found online for these.
See video demo of similar unit below.

Manufacturer Info
Since its introduction in the mid 1970's, the dbx 160 series has been the world's most popular line of audio compressors. After the classic 160 (which is still used daily in many world class studios), came the 165, the 160X and the 160XT. The 160X/XT were the models that truly became the industry standard. Solid construction, fool proof operation, great sound, at-a-glance metering and a bulletproof output stage all contributed to its popularity with musicians, recording studios, consultants and installers, and broadcast media production people alike. The dbx® 160A is a legendary dbx® 160 family of compressor/limiters. The same classic sound, easy set-up and no compromise metering is now married to an improved signal path and stronger chassis design. The result is industry standard compressor/limiter which is digital-ready and road tough.

What You get:
-- Full setup, cleaning, and new strings.
-- FREE USA shipping.
-- 30-day return policy.
-- Ship within 1 business day--pro packing.