dbx 786 Precision Mic Pre Stereo Dual Microphone Preamp

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2-channel pro mic pre in great condition.

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This is a dbx 786 professional 2-channel microphone preamp. In excellent working and cosmetic condition. All controls work smooth and as they should. All lights and meters working. Great sounding warm preamp with precision control to add some air to the signal. Comes with power cable. Thanks for looking.

Manufacturer Info
The DBX 786 Precision Mic Pre is a 2-channel mic preamp built with recording studios in mind. A great mic can only take your recordings so far. The 786 gives producers and engineers a little more control, and adds a sweetness that you have to hear to believe. This unit solidified DBX's reputation as a serious contender in the studio gear category.

The DBX 786 features a -20dB pad, phase invert functions and a switchable "super low Z" setting which optimizes performance for microphones with ultra-low source impedance. An 11-position coarse gain switch sets the gain between +10 and +60 dB, while the fine gain control varies between -3 and +3 dB. The 786 also features an EQ circuit called "spectrum" with frequency cut and boost up to 40 kHz. The unit's signal path consists of a transformer-coupled, discrete-design input stage.

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