Dorrough Model 40-A2 Stereo Audio Level Meter Racked Loudness Monitor VU Meter

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Industry standard loudness monitor in good condition.

This is a Dorrough 40-A2 dual racked loudness monitor. Both units have XLR connections on the back. Both have been tested by running signal and confirming both channels light up on each unit. Backlight may or may not be present. These things have been around for years and people are still using them for one simple reason--they work! These list new for $449 for each unit (check B&H Photo website). These were acquired from a high-end post-production studio that was remodeling and changing some gear out. Kept in temperature controlled, non-smoking facity and only used by pro engineers. (more pics below, as well as a review of the units) Thanks for looking.

Manufacturer Info
Dorrough Loudness Meter model 40-A2 displays both the peak and average of the audio signal. The unique metering ballistics accurately present loudness variations on an easy-to-read scale. Dual inputs allow sum and difference metering. Peak Hold functions are standard along with a DB9 connector to access various over and under parameters. The 40A2's "A" scale allows 14 dB of headroom in 1 dB steps from +14 to -25.

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