DRAWMER MX50 Dual Channel Stereo De-Esser Clean Cond Made in UK 0645

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Drawmer is a studio standard name, and this de-esser is one reason. 

This is a well-known Drawmer MX50 de-esser. It has two channels and it really works. Nothing fancy just simple controls and does what it is supposed to. That's the reason you see Drawmer gear in many high end studio. Power cable included. I have tested if fully, and all controls are working great. You'll notice one knob has been replaced.

Manufacturer Info
The MX50 is a flexible, simple to set up dual De-Esser designed to fulfil the needs of the Recording Studio, Broadcast, Theatre and Live Sound Industries. Its classic application is to overcome the problems that can arise when sibilant sounds (S's and T's) are over-emphasised by the human voice, with such other applications as 'smoothing' a stereo mix, reducing string noise on acoustic guitars or breath noise on flutes, even refining cymbal and hi-hat sounds. Processing is achieved by adjusting just two control parameters, Frequency and De-Ess. The fully variable Frequency control operates from 800Hz to 8KHz encompassing the full sibilant range, including 'hard' sounding harmonics and other side-effects which can be generated when treble frequencies are boosted or enhanced. This is followed by the variable De-Ess which acts as a 'more' control giving up to 20dB of gain reduction at the selected frequency.
What You get:
-- Full setup, cleaning, and new strings.
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