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ELECTRA X310 VINTAGE 70s MPC Matsumoku MIJ Japan Guitar + OHSC 7107

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Great looking vintage Japanese guitar.

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You're looking at a very unique Electra x310 guitar made in Japan in the late 70s. You don't see too many of these around. These were made at the famous Matsumoku factory and the quality is legendary. Tonally it's like nothing else. It has the 5-way tone selector switch up top, which provides some very usable and different sounds. The two toggle swiches down below let you choose between effect modules you plug into the rear of the guitar (no modules included). Far from being a gimmick, the modules for these sound better and warmer than most pedals out there. Knobs on the guitar allow you to control intensity and speed of the effects. Original case for the guitar is included. It's in good working condition. The frets are in great condition. Everything on the guitar appears original, and everything is working. Quality workmanship, great looking neck inlays. The gold hardware has oxidized but still works fine. Pretty darn clean for being almost 40 years old. Some minor scufing on the back and other small marks. Weight is 7 pounds, 15 ounces. I do a full cleaning and setup on all guitars. (Details on my setups and packing at bottom of listing.) Thanks for looking.

See video demo of similar guitar below.

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