FENDER 2004 USA TORONADO BUTTERSCOTCH Dual P90s American Made 8671

Regular price $999

Rare made in USA Fender Toronado. Dual P90s. Butterscotch beauty. 

This is a 2004 Fender Toronado made in USA in a beautiful translucent Butterscotch finish. Abalone fret dot markers. Two P90 pickups sound great. A guitar that feels good in the hands and plays amazing. All electronics, neck, frets, all great. I just set this up with new strings, set intonation and cleaned entire guitar. It's ready to play and enjoy. Cosmetically there is really not a ding or scratch on it but there are stress cracks on both sides of the neck pocket and one up near the nut. These are not structural things but finish cracks. Weight is 8 pounds, 2 ounces. No case. Thanks.
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