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FENDER 2012 ROLAND VG STRATOCASTER Super Clean!! G5 Strat with Modeling 6600

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The Roland VG Strat has a ton of modeled sounds built in you can access with just a twist of a knob. Some really amazing tones. You won't believe how realistic the 12-string is. 
A 2012 Fender VG Stratocaster in Sunburst finish, made in Mexico. The guitar is immaculate, nearly mint. One tiny imperfection is a small scratch on the back. Guitar still has the original factory decal on pickguard. I don't think you will find a VG guitar in cleaner condition. Looks like it's hardly been played. These guitars of course have the rare Roland modeling on board. The T-knob provides you with 6 different tunings including: Normal, Open G, Drop D, Baritone, D Modal and 12 string. The M-knob controls 5 different modes which include Normal, Modeled Strat, Modeled Tele, Modeled humbucking pickup, and 5 modeled acoustic sounds. All electronics, neck, frets, all great. I just set this up with new strings and cleaned entire guitar. It's ready to play and enjoy. Very rare original Fender gigbag that says "Powered by Roland" on the bag. Thanks!


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Manufacturer Info

G-5 Tone List

N - Normal Stratocaster

Neck (single coil); Neck + Middle (single coil); Middle (single coil); Bridge + Middle (single coil); Bridge (single coil)


S - Modeled Stratocaster

Neck (single coil); Neck + Middle (single coil); Middle (single coil); Bridge + Middle (single coil); Bridge (single coil)


T- Telecaster

Neck (wide range); Neck + Middle (single coil); Middle (single coil); Bridge + Middle (single coil); Bridge (wide range)


H - Humbucking pickups

Neck (bright humbucker); Neck + Middle (humbucker); Middle (humbucker); Bridge + Middle (humbucker); Bridge (bright humbucker)


A - Acoustic

Neck (jazz); Neck + Middle (electric sitar); Middle (nylon-string acoustic); Bridge + Middle (steel-string acoustic 2); Bridge (steel-string acoustic 1)


Instantly retune to alternative tunings

The G-5's Tuning function lets you instantly retune to alternative tunings such as Drop D, Open G, D modal, and Baritone at the turn of a knob. You can switch to a variety of alternative tunings without touching the tuning pegs or switching to another guitar, keeping your string tensions unchanged. A 12-string guitar mode is also provided, which you can use with both acoustic and electric guitar sounds.


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