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FENDER BASSMAN 1967-68 Drip Edge "Blackline" Head Master Volume 60s Amp AB165

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You're looking at a vintage 1967-68 drip edge Fender Bassman silverface with a blackface circuit. The "blackline" designation refers to the thin black lines running vertically on the faceplate. According to reliable sources, this means it's an early drip edge, with the true blackface circuit. Some of the first ones were produced as early as 1967, and then production with the drip edge look extended throughout 1968. The amp itself has a master volume mod with the knob on rear of amp. Outside of amp has seen action but is fully intact. There is a band name stenciled on the rear cover. Serial number is A48829. Designated an "AB165" on the tube chart, but no two-letter date code appears. Looking inside the amp we find Sovtek power tubes, 3 Chinese preamp tubes and 1 Ruby preamp tube. You can see many caps have been replaced inside, which is a good thing, and a note appears to say they were done in 1996. One transformer has numbers: 022814 and 8316805. The others were hard to make out. The sound of the amp is great, and the Master Vol allows for breakup at lower volumes though it is a mellow breakup and stays very warm. Amp appears to be very stable and works with no issues. Grille cloth appears to have been replaced at some point. Please ask all questions BEFORE buying. Thanks for looking.

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