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FENDER BASSMAN 1967 Blackface Amp Head One Owner NICE! 60s Amplifier AB165

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You're looking at a vintage 1968 blackface Fender Bassman. It's in excellent cosmetic and playing condition. I got this from a guy who was the original owner. He said he hasn't really played it much since the late 70s. Just been sitting in his closet. I expected it to have lots of issues. I fired it up and, surprise, sounds like a champ. You can tell it hasn't seen as much action as most Bassman heads this old. The tolex is in very good shape and the grille cloth, though a bit brown, is not ripped. I took some pics of the internal components and everything looks pretty original except perhaps a few replaced caps. It has a "QF" code on the tube chart, which indicates a likely June 1967 production, according to the Fender website. Also, one of the transformer codes is "606 717," which also indicates 1967. While I was in there, I sprayed out all pots and they are operating nice and quiet.

It has an AB165 circuit and still has the original 2-prong power plug. Serial number is A28204. All tubes are ARS branded, which are high quality tubes but they may be pretty old by now. They don't sound bad and aren't too microphonic, but no idea how long they will last. Right now the amp sounds great! Note: No rear cover included. Please ask all questions BEFORE buying. Thanks for looking.

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