FENDER CHAMP 1964-65 Pre-CBS Vintage Blackface Clean AA764 60s Amp A00270

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This is (by my estimation) a 1964/65 Fender Champ in great condition. Seems mostly original except for speaker and power cord. The speaker is a Jensen P8R, made in Italy (sounds great). Power cord has been changed to 3-prong. Overall exterior in very nice condition. Tolex 95% intact beyond little marks here and there. All controls work smooth and quiet. Amp sounds amazing. Don't know about any mods to the components but I have taken pictures of the chasis. I will give you the info I have found on the dating and  you can make your own determination:

1-Serial number (A00270) indicates a 1964 production year according to online sources.
2-Amp code on the tube chart "OB" indicates February 1965.
3-Transformer codes I found are: 606-4-39 and 606-4-45, which indicate the 39th and 45th weeks of 1964 for production. 
4-"Fender Electric Instruments" on faceplate indicates pre-CBS production.
5-No Fender logo on grille cloth indicates 1964 to early-65 production.

So there is the evidence I have found, please do your own research and draw your own conclusions. The tubes in the amp are one USSR branded Sovtek SY3GT, one Russian made Groove Tubes GT-6V6-R, and one ECC-83 12AX7. None of the tubes are microphonic. Amp exhibits a small amount of hum when not playing. Can't be heard when playing. I will pack really well and remove tubes for shipping. I may end auction early if it sells elsewhere. Thanks for looking.
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