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FENDER CHAMP Vintage 1968 Drip Edge Blackline Amp Clean 68 Amplifier AA764 13208

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You're looking at a really nice vintage 1968 Fender Champ amp in superior condition. This is a Drip Edge and has the "blackline" faceplate, which indicates an early Drip Edge (likely late-67) with unaltered Blackface circuit (more info below). It appears all original and the amp sounds just amazing. Absolutely a little box of fun. Turn it down for your cleans and crank it up for some really nice break up. All controls working nicely. Tolex in great shape. Grille cloth perfect. Bonus: has some high quality American made RCA and Sylvania tubes. I have priced this accordingly for its rare and exceptional condition for a 50-year-old amp. I see guys asking $1000 for ones not this clean. I do not think you will find one cleaner. If you know about the Drip Edge lore, they have the sound of a blackface and looks of a silverface, made for only one (or 1.5) year. Only imperfections I see are some superficial scuffing on the faceplate and one small seam showing in the tolex, which is normal when it shrinks, and is not a tear (pics below). Thanks for looking!

Additional Drip Edge Info
(From Warehouse Guitar Speakers website)
Now let’s talk specifically about the earliest of the drip edge amps, the “black line” models. These amps can really be “sleepers” as most are in every way a blackface amp with silverface cosmetics.There is no clear consensus as to why these lines exist; they appear just before the Volume controls and on either side of the amp's name. In contrast to every other aspect of the silkscreen printing, they just don’t seem “right”. They are non-symmetrical both vertically as well as horizontally and are extremely thin compared to all other lines. Many believe they were layout reference lines that were never intended to make it into production; that makes sense since they only appeared for about the first 4-6 months. At any rate, these lines are a great clue that your amp is one of the earliest with the silverface cosmetics, many of which were otherwise UNCHANGED from the blackface design. Cool, a blackface amp at a silverface price!
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