FENDER TORONADO DELUXE MIM 2008 Atomic Humbuckers Offset Body MIM Black 19378

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Fender Toronado in black. Great guitar. These are becoming rare. 

You're looking at a 2008 Fender Toronado in black with tortoise shell pickguard.  This is the earlier cooler looking Toro with the dual Atomic Humbucker pickups. This is a chance to get a discontinued and now rare guitar. These are such cool looking guitars with the offset body and large tortoise shell pickguard. Body contour on back and rare Gibson scale length of 24.75 inches. This one is all stock. It's a players guitar and has playing marks throughout, but no big dings. Has some small marks on back of neck and various scuffs and marks on edges and elsewhere. On a black guitar it's near impossible to capture these small marks in photos. I have just give this a full setup, new strings and cleaned entire guitar. No case. Weight is 8 pounds, 1 ounce. (Details on my setups and packing at bottom of listing.) Thanks.


These Toro's have two Fender Atomic humbuckers. They give you a nice thick sound. But they still maintain some clarity. So while a true humbucker sound, they are not simply a "wall of noise" type pickup. You can capture a lot of different sounds blending the two pickups or backing off slightly on your volume knob.

See video demo of a similar guitar below.

What You Get
-- Full setup, cleaning, and new strings.
-- FREE USA shipping.
-- 30-day return policy.
-- Ship within 1 business day--pro packing.

Guitar Setup
All our setups are done by our in-house luthier. Setup includes new strings (9s or 10s depending on what the nut is cut for), overall polish, cleaning any gunk off fingerboard, oiling neck, and polishing frets when necessary. We spray out any pots that are noisy, turn the truss rod (if necessary) and set string height at low-to-medium action depending on string buzz present. Since setup is highly subjective you may need to get it set to your particular needs by your personal luthier. Basses get the same treatment minus the string change. Thanks!
I use quality boxes, thick bubble wrap, and peanuts to pack guitars. I have a very high rate of successful guitar and bass shipping (meaning few damaged instruments). I have been doing this 11 years and know how to pack well--with or without a hard case. I wrote a detailed story with photos on how I pack a guitar. Google "THERE IN ONE PIECE...How to Pack a Guitar" and you will find it. Thanks.