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FENDER VINTAGE 1988 American Standard TELECASTER Blue Teal USA Relic 80s 07759

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Kinda rare looking blue color. 

This is a 1998-99 American Fender Standard Telecaster in a sparkle teal blue finish. It's a player's guitar with marks and some buckle rash (see pics). Frets show some flattening and beginning grooves in the cowboy chrod area, but they have lots of meat left and still plays well. Fret level down the road would be good. Kinda has a relic vibe to it with an old faded sticker on the back. Looks original except for the DiMarzio Hot Rail pickup in the bridge. The saddles and bridge are in good condition, but the saddle height allen screws are a bit rusted. I had trouble adjusting some of them. Probably would be a nice addition to just replace all saddles at some point. All electronics work well. Missing the switch tip. Weight is 8 pounds, 7 ounces. No case. I do a full cleaning and setup on all guitars. (Details on my setups and packing at bottom of listing.)  I may end auction early if it sells elsewhere. Thanks for looking!

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-- Full setup, cleaning, and new strings.
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Guitar Setup
My setup on guitars includes new strings (9s or 10s depending on what the nut is cut for), overall polish, cleaning any gunk off fingerboard, oiling neck, and polishing frets when necessary. I spray out any pots that are noisy. I turn the truss rod (if necessary) and set string height at low-to-medium action depending on string buzz present. Since setup is highly subjective you may need to get it set to your particular needs by your personal luthier. I don't claim to be a trained luthier, but I'm able to set guitars/basses for a reasonable out-of-box experience and have had very few complaints. If you're looking for the perfect setup on a used guitar, please expect to take it to a trained luthier who is familiar with your individual playing style and preferences. ps: basses get the same setup minus the new strings. Thanks!

I use quality boxes, thick bubble wrap, and peanuts to pack guitars. I have a very high rate of successful guitar and bass shipping (meaning few damaged instruments). I have been doing this 10 years and know how to pack well--with or without a hard case. I wrote a detailed story with photos on how I pack a guitar, which you can find on my StillKickinMusic site blog. If you Google "THERE IN ONE PIECE...How to Pack a Guitar" you will find it. Thanks.