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Fender Woody Pro Jr Clean! 1x10 Guitar Amp + Cover 60th Anniversary 98410

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This is a 2006 Fender Woody Pro Jr 60th Anniversary Edition in excellent mint condition. All tube amp drives 15 watts through a Special Edition Jensen speaker. Really cool look, more like Bakelite than wood, but it is wood under all that lacquer. Simple Volume/Tone setup with Chicken Head knobs. Comes with a red amp cover. Has Electro-Harmonix power tubes and one JJ and one GT preamp tubes. Super clean and ready to rock. Sounds amazing. Starts out clean and when you crank the volume it starts to break up. Thanks for looking.

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Manufacturer Info
The Woody is based on the 1946 model and this anniversary edition gives you the sparkling modern tone of a Pro Junior III in a resonant hardwood cabinet with butterscotch blond paint and a gorgeous red grill cloth.

A 40s look and a timeless sound.
The Fender Pro Junior Combo Amp is a small all-tube amp in the classic tradition of the model "600" and Champ. It's simple yet very effective. Delivers 15W through a 10" speaker. Features all-tube circuitry, unique clean-to-drive volume control, and chicken head knobs.

This luxuriously appointed version of the Pro Junior, created in celebration of Fender's 60th anniversary features cosmetic appointments that hearken back to 1946-era Fender amps.

15W of power
10" speaker
All-tube circuitry
Unique clean-to-drive volume control
Chicken head knobs
15-1/4"W x 14-1/2"H x 8-3/4"D
28 lb.