GALLIEN-KRUEGER Vintage 250ML Clean w/ Footswitch Cable & Manual GK 250 ML 8867

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Well-known solid-state workhorse amp. Sounds really killer.

This is a classic Gallien-Krueger 250ML vintage 80s combo amp, made famous by the likes of Rush's Alex Lifeson. I really didn't know what all the hoopla was about these till I got one and plugged it in. Really, really cool sounds from this tiny, lightweight amp. I can see why guys plug them into large cabs and use it for their main sound. Very exacting EQ, so you can warm it up if you want. I was A/Bing it with my 65 Fender Champ and really trying to decide which to keep as my little shop amp for testing and noodling around. The 250ML can grab way more sounds with a great onboard Chorus and Echo. It's also more versatile because it has two channels, so you can do a clean and dirty sound with a stomp switch. Even has a compressor, headphone out, direct out and effects loop. In the end I decided to keep my little Fender only because I can't justify keeping this GK. It would just go to waste with me. In great, clean condition. All knobs and buttons work crisp and clean. The footswitch works great though the little lights on it don't light up--may just need new bulbs. I printed out the short manual and will include it. 

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