GALLIEN-KRUEGER Vintage Lunchbox Combo Amplifier 250ML GK ML250 Small Amp 28880

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Upgraded Pyle speakers!
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This is a classic Gallien-Krueger 250ML vintage 80s combo amp (see pics below), made famous by Rush's Alex Lifeson. Very exacting EQ, so you can warm it up if you want. Sounds great with the onboard Chorus and Echo (chorus is a true stereo chorus like on a Roland Jazz Chorus amp). This 250ML is in good condition with some marks from use. It has had the speakers replaced with Pyle speakers which is a well-known upgrade for these, as the original speakers often give out after 20+ years of use. These speakers are strong and sound great. All controls work like they should. The knobs are not original. Comes with AC power cable. Thanks for looking. $35 USA shipping. No international shipping.