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GIBSON FIREBRAND 335-S CUSTOM Vintage 1980 Solid Body Neck Repair 80640

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Rare bird in great shape!

This is a vintage 1980 Gibson Firebrand 335-S Custom. Amazing vintage guitar that had a neck repair many years ago and is still going strong. They made very few of this model and usually would be priced about twice what I'm asking. Two amazing sounding Tim Shaw-era Dirty Fingers zebra humbucking pickups with stock coil tap. Mahogany body and neck with rosewood fingerboard. Near everything is original on it, including the fine tuning bridge piece and tuners with pearloid pegs. Frets are in good shape with some flattening. A previous owner upgraded the electronics with 500k CTS pots, orange drop caps, and cloth wiring. It's got a killer vibe and playability to it. Cosmetically, it's very clean with only superficial scuffing. Woods look beautiful. You can see the headstock snapped and was re-glued. Not pretty but feels totally solid. This is a chance to get a real piece of Gibson history at a low price. No case. Weight is 7 pounds, 12 ounces. I do a full cleaning and setup on all guitars. (Details on my setups and packing at bottom of listing.) Thanks for looking.

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More info
Gibson made the 335-S Custom from 1980 to 1981. It had a solid mahogany ES-335 style double cutaway body. The 335-S Custom was the middle range model in the 335-S Series and had two Gibson Dirty Fingers humbuckers, with coil tap switch, two volume and two tone controls. The 335-S Custom had a TP6 fine tuner tailpiece and tune-o-matic bridge.

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Guitar Setup
All our setups are done by our in-house trained luthier. Setup includes new strings (9s or 10s depending on what the nut is cut for), overall polish, cleaning any gunk off fingerboard, oiling neck, and polishing frets when necessary. We spray out any pots that are noisy, turn the truss rod (if necessary) and set string height at low-to-medium action depending on string buzz present. Since setup is highly subjective you may need to get it set to your particular needs by your personal luthier. Basses get the same treatment minus the string change. Thanks!

I use quality boxes, thick bubble wrap, and peanuts to pack guitars. I have a very high rate of successful guitar and bass shipping (meaning few damaged instruments). I have been doing this 10 years and know how to pack well--with or without a hard case. I wrote a detailed story with photos on how I pack a guitar, which you can find on my StillKickinMusic site blog. If you Google "THERE IN ONE PIECE...How to Pack a Guitar" you will find it. Thanks.