GIBSON VINTAGE 1980 MARAUDER + OHSC Rotary PU Selector! Bill Lawrence PUs 0568

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Tons of mojo with this '80 Marauder. Natural relic with real playing wear. Priced to sell! 

You're looking at a vintage 1980 Gibson Marauder in Natural Walnut finish with black pickguard. It is in excellent working condition for a 38-year-old guitar and comes with the original Gibson hard case. The exterior of the guitar shows moderate relic look from honest daily playing. Frets show wear, but still have life and it still plays well up and down the neck. All original except for a couple nice mods. First "the Bowen Handle" tremolo is a "no-drill" trem that does not alter the guitar from its original condition. I have the original tailpiece and will include it in the auction. Easily taken back to stock if you want. The tuners are a real upgrade from the sealed-back cheepies that came stock on this. The star tuners look like Ibanez tuners but not sure. Whatever they are, they are period-correct and good tuners. (a few of the original tuners were in the case, but not all six. I will include what is there, but you wouldn't want to use them.)  

Another nice feature, this Marauder has the rotary pickup selector. Honestly, it makes me wonder why more guitars don't have this. It gives you an infinite adjustment between the two pickups instead of the standard 3-way switch and allows for a TON of different tones. Oh, and those Bill Lawrence pickups are really sweet sounding too. Latches on case all work though the locking hasp takes some fiddling. Case is rough but works well. You can see a couple of the seams in the headstock, but it's solid. Weight is 8 pounds, 13 ounces. I do a full cleaning and setup on all guitars. (Details on my setups and packing at bottom of listing.) Thanks  (Please Note: I sell in several location on the Internet and may end auctions early if items sell elsewhere.)

Wiki Info
The Marauder came at a difficult time for American guitar makers: sales in the early 1970s were down, and there was significant competition from Japanese competitors. It was Gibson's attempt to break into the single coil pickup, bolt-on neck guitar market dominated by Fender. In cooperation with Bill Lawrence, who had joined Gibson in 1972 and had already produced the L6-S, the Marauder was developed to compete with Fender, and had a pickup layout reminiscent of the Fender Telecaster, though in fact it had two humbucker pickups.

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