OVATION DEACON 12-STRING W/ CASE 1973-75 Vintage Beauty! 9492

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Wow! Great sounding electric 12-string. 
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This is a really great vintage piece. A solid body Ovation Deacon 12-string in great playing condition with a hard case. When this gutiar came into our shop we were a little skeptical. We just happened to have a Fender XII Strat 12-string in the shop and we tested it first. We thought it sounded pretty good--then we plugged in the Deacon! Whoa. Heads turned. People stopped what they were doing. That's how good this sounds. Warm and full tone with chime on the top. You just don't want it to stop. Now I get why these go for a pretty penny. These have two switches--a pickup selector and a mid-notch switch to give it an acoustic sound. They also employ a preamp that takes two 9-volt batteires. The Deacon is set up with low action and really plays great. This one has been played and does show wear with dings on the edges (see pics). First five frets have grooves but it still plays great up and down the neck. If you're particular about frets, then consider getting them leveled or replaced eventually. This baby is all stock and ready to rock. Teardrop hard case may or may not be the original, but it's period-correct and fits perfect. Beyond cosmetic wear, there are no issues to speak of. Weight is 8 pounds, 6 ounces. I do a full cleaning and setup on all guitars. Intonation is set. Thanks for looking. 


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