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SUNN 200S BASS GUITAR O))) vintage 60s Tube amp head CLEAN Condition! FREE Ship!

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This is a late 60s vintage Sunn 200s tube amp head in extremely clean condition. Around 1968 Sunn was breaking new ground making amps that put out the volume to keep up with guitars and drums in a live setting. The result is a bunch of amp heads that run tubes and with Volume at about 2 or 3 start to shake the rafters. They also happen to be super reliable (forget about that Bassman that needs new tubes every six months). I've had this one for going on 3 years, never blows tubes, runs cool. Works every time you turn it on. What more could you want? (in the meantime, my Bassman has been in and out of the shop multiple times. Sounds great but what a headache!) 

Oh, and the controls on it actually do something! The "Lo" and "Hi" Boost switches offer subtle yet noticeable change in your tone and (unlike say the "Bright" switch on a Bassman), all positions actually are useful and sound good. Volume, Treble, Bass knobs all really shape the tone and make a difference. Another funny things about these 60s Sunn amps is not only do they sound warm and killer on bass--but guitarists love em too. I play guitar through mine and it sounds freaking amazing. 8 ohm output and 4 ohm extension cab out. These supposedly put out 60-65 watts, but they are stupid loud, so have some good speakers! Loaded with two JJ KT88 power tubes and a vintage Sylvania 6AN8A pre-amp tube. That's what it came with and that's what it still has, just happily glowing and making noise without any problems. You'll see in between the two power tubes is the bias adjustment screw. (I never needed to futz with it. Sounded good when I got it, still sounds good, and will for you too.) 

These old Sunn's are like an old Volkswagen Beetle, so simple and last forever! I'm only selling this because it's just sitting not getting used enough. This deserves to be gigging. Notice all the tolex looks perfect. Grille cloth great. Controls all work a treat. No issues or problems with this head. Next month after this sells I'll be kicking myself when the Bassman goes down again and I miss my Sunn! Truth is I'm a gear dealer and bought this to turn around. Next thing I know 3 years have passed and I still have it! Hard to part with a head this reliable and good sounding. It's basically become my test amp because it just always works when my many other amps are on the fritz! Thanks for looking.
Neck Pocket Dimensions
Width: 2 1/2"
Length: 3 7/8"
Depth: 5/8" (necks protrude above the body, so they are thicker than this)
Heel shape: Rounded
Note: According to the Warmoth website, these dimensions are the standard Fender bass neck pocket dimensions, so this bass body should work with most Fender necks. If you believe your neck might be non-standard or need other measurements, contact me BEFORE buying. Thanks.

Wikipedia Info
In early 1963, the Kingsmen, a band based in Portland, Oregon, became known for their hit version of the song "Louie, Louie". After its hit single, the band soon embarked on a 50-state national tour. Because the band was used to playing small hops and school dances, many of the members found themselves ill-equipped with the amplifiers that they were currently using. Bassist Norm Sundholm discovered that his bass amp was not nearly powerful enough to play larger concert halls. Sundholm enlisted the help of his brother Conrad to help solve his problem. By 1964, the Sundholm brothers had designed a high-powered concert bass amplifier. The early Sunn amplifiers relied heavily on David Hafler-designed tube amplifiers and preamps sold by the Dynaco Hi-fi company

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Guitar Setup
All our setups are done by our in-house trained luthier. Setup includes new strings (9s or 10s depending on what the nut is cut for), overall polish, cleaning any gunk off fingerboard, oiling neck, and polishing frets when necessary. We spray out any pots that are noisy, turn the truss rod (if necessary) and set string height at low-to-medium action depending on string buzz present. Since setup is highly subjective you may need to get it set to your particular needs by your personal luthier. Basses get the same treatment minus the string change. Thanks!

I use quality boxes, thick bubble wrap, and peanuts to pack guitars. I have a very high rate of successful guitar and bass shipping (meaning few damaged instruments). I have been doing this 10 years and know how to pack well--with or without a hard case. I wrote a detailed story with photos on how I pack a guitar, which you can find on my StillKickinMusic site blog. If you Google "THERE IN ONE PIECE...How to Pack a Guitar" you will find it. Thanks.