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TC Electronic New POLYTUNE CLIP Polyphonic Clip-On Guitar Bass Tuner FREE SHIP!

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Great tuner, great price--can't go wrong. (Please note: we only have the black color tuners left in stock. thanks!)

You're looking at a brand new TC Electronic Polytune Clip clip-on tuner. In factory box with manual and battery. These are great tuners and easy to use. Thanks for looking. 

Manufacturer Info

Combining renowned state-of-the-art tuning technology with unprecedented good looks and functionality, PolyTune Clip gives all electric and acoustic players a tune-up that's unmatched in speed, precision, flexibility and refinement. With the adaptive display, even left-handed players or those who may simply want to hide the tuner behind the headstock can use it too. PolyTune Clip is much more than just a clip-on tuner, it's a revolution! Perfectly combining state of the art tuning technology with an unprecedented attention to aesthetics and functionality, PolyTune Clip gives a tune-up that's unmatched in speed, precision and grace. Not only is PolyTune Clip the best PolyTune we've ever made - it's the best tuner by any measure.

- Poly Tune technology - tune all 6 strings simultaneously
- Chromatic ( +/- 0.5 cent) and extra accurate strobe ( +/- 0.02 cent) modes
- Ultra-bright and easy to read adaptive display - ensures a perfect readout no matter what orientation Clip is attached
- Flat tuning and capo modes
- Elegant yet durable design, with high-quality stainless steel clip

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