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Great mic pre's, perfect for drums, guitars--anything.

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You're looking at a pair of Trident S20 mic preamps--selling them for $599/each. Both are in excellent working and cosmetic condition. These have true pedigree being modeled after the legendary vintage Trident Series 80 console preamps. Super easy to use and they contain a secret weapon--you can connect 2 sources to each channel (mic or line) and then A/B them with the turn of a knob. Sounds like a novelty, but actually turns out to be very useful--perfect for deciding which mic to use for a song. These will warm up any source, including piano, guitars, bass, vocals. But what these really excel at are high transient material like drums. They really work on anything, but they can handle high SPLs without any problem. These sold for $1300 when they first hit. Hard to find these days for good reason. Come with power cables. (See a full review on these preamps at bottom of auction.) Thanks for looking.

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The Trident S20 Dual Mic Preamp has an input selector that switches between mic and line or 2 mics, a great feature for instantly comparing which mic is really the best for a particular job. Switch reverses the phase of the input signal. 48V phantom power for condenser mics. Gain swing ranges from a true unity to +60dB without any pad. Variable-sweep, low-cut filter controls lows from 5Hz-200Hz that can muddy a mike. It removes stage and floor rumble, takes out subsonic interference, and improves the HF performance of the signal by the elimination of LF intermodulation distortions.

Input selector switches between mic and line or 2 mics
Phase reverse the input signal with one switch
+48V phantom power for condenser mikes
Gain swing of the pre is from true unity to +60dB without any pad
After the pre, the variable sweep low-cut filter controls lows that can muddy a mike easily
From 5Hz to 200Hz, remove stage or floor rumble, take out sub-sonic interference, and improve HF performance of the signal by elimination of LF

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