VINTAGE 70s MAESTRO MFZ-1 FUZZ EFFECT PEDAL Clean w/ Rare Battery Cover!!!! 11417

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Great sounding 70s Fuzz pedal in excellent condition.
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This is a great vintage 70s Maestro MFZ-1 Fuzz pedal in excellent working and cosmetic condition. Very simple pedal with a huge distortion sound. Both controls work as they has the very hard to find rear battery cover. Last time I looked I didn't see a single unit for sale that still had this. One side is a bit loose but it does stay on and hold the battery, which is a lot nicer than a piece of duct tape or something. In addition, this MFZ-1 is cleaner than most I've seen floating around. Get it before it's gone and you have to settle for one that's more beat up. Thanks for looking.

See video demo of similar pedal below.
Product Review
This Moog built, Op-Amp fuzz from the mid 70's kicks some serious ass! Used extensively on the first couple Black Keys records, it has (re)grown some popularity, but surprisingly you can still find these behemoths for a decent price. The pedal itself is HUGE, it dwarfs some of the bigger EHX effects so you know its got some girth. Sound-wise it sits somewhere between a heavy overdrive and an IC-Muff with the gain rolled back a bit.