Mystery Gibson Unboxing - What is This Black Beauty??? p90 Les Paul?

I buy a lot of guitars for my used guitar business ( Got this one thinking it was a Gibson Les Paul 60s Tribute. Little did I know what a beauty was coming my way.

Turns out they mis-labeled the guitar and I ended up with this 2011 Les Paul Traditional Pro Split Coil P90. It features a Gibson first: a "tapped p90." Gibson describes it like this:

A "coil tap" feature usually refers to splitting a humbucking pickup, but in the truer sense of the term these new single-coil units are wound with a "tap wire" that eliminates a portion of the coil, to access a second sound from each pickup. In full mode each pickup sounds like a traditional thick, snarly Alnico V P-90 in its position (approximately 7.0k ohm in the neck position and 8.6k ohm in the bridge), but lift the push-pull switch on each pickup's volume control, and resistance levels drop to 5.0k ohm and 6.0k ohm respectively, for a brighter, sharper single-coil sound that is still rich and authentic, and not as thin as other pickups that are split entirely in half.

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