Seen a Hamer Phantom A5?

Based on the original 1981 Hamer Prototype, the Phantom A5 came out a couple years later and you don't see too many floating around today. They've got a triple-bucker pickup in the bridge. Andy Summers of all people used this shredder styled axe, as did Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest. Originally they had a paddle shaped, three on a side headstock, then later went to a pointed six on a side design. Looks like this:

hamer vintage phantom prototype a5

These can fetch some bucks on the used market now. Seeing prices from $2k to $2500 on Reverb right now.

A second incarnation of the guitar was made for Steve Stevens around 1985 and was called the SS1. I had one of these once. Even though it was old and beat up, it was a quality guitar. This version had an HSS pickup design, pointed headstock, Floyd Rose, and more symmetrical body cutaways. Here it is:

hamer steve stevens prototype

A third version was introduced around 1998 (pic below), but I'm not real clear on how long it was produced. There's a website that has some info on these if you wanna check it out. Of course the ultimate Hamer hangout is the Hamer Fan Club. Need to figure out what year your Hamer--or any other guitar--was made? Check out our serial number database.

hamer phantom guitar 

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