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kurt cobain nirvana fender road worn jaguar

In 2011 Fender introduced a Jaguar based on the guitar Kurt played during the Nevermind era (we have one for sale now), a highly modified 1965 Jag that Kurt acquired in 1991 through the LA Recycler (or so the story goes). Fender's commemorative model seeks to accurately reproduce Kurt's '65 with a gaggle of interesting mods. First off, it has two DiMarzio humbucking pickups--a PAF neck pickup and a Super Distortion bridge. Its alder body sports a nitrocellulose finish reliced to approximate the beating that Kurt inflicted on his. (Factory relicing has a bad rep, but Fender did a pretty good job this time around.)


kurt cobain playing live jaguar fender guitar kurt cobain nirvana lead singer playing his fender jaguar road worn guitar fender jaguar kurt cobain playing live gig kurt in flannel rocks jaguar Seattle grunge style

Moving on, it's got a bound neck with a Strat size headstock and non-period-correct Spaghetti Fender logo. Gotoh tuners, double bound neck, an Adjusto-Matic bridge, and volume/volume/tone knob configuration round out the features. These now command $1000+ on the used market. If you haven't had one of these in your hands, search one out. They feel great. For me, there's a certain amount of guilt associated with buying a guitar created by Fender to cash in on Kurt's fame.

kurt cobain crying after gig

Let face it, if Kurt were around to see it, he'd probably give Fender the middle finger, and then tell us all to go find our own cool guitar on Craigs List instead of buying a copy of his. On the other hand, Kurt's gone and if nothing else, Fender seems to have gone about this replica in a more respectful fashion than with the Jag-Stang (they didn't make the Jag-Stang quite how Kurt envisioned it--read: they wanted to save money). And who knows? Maybe Kurt would be happy that young (or old) punks are playing a guitar modeled on his. I don't think he hated success half as much as he let on--he just didn't know how to live with it. Go check out our Cobain Jaguar!

kurt cobain hair in face playing guitar

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