To Relic...or Not to Relic?

To Relic or Not to Relic?...

Sometimes it's a damn hard question

Usually when I'm looking around on the web, the topic of relic guitars turns up info on techniques some people use to relic guitars. Lots of videos, etc, and that's cool. But what about the question that comes before one even starts a relic job: Should I relic this guitar? Should I intentionally do damage to this beauty?

Case in point:

The sweet baby above is a Les Paul 60s Tribute I had planned to relic. But once I got it out of the box, I'm like, "Wow, am I going to start beating this up?" Most of my past relics have been guitars that didn't look great, so it's been no problem. Sometimes they are guitars a past owner tried to relic and flubbed the job, or they are guitars that just haven't aged nicely.

As a point of reference, you can look below at the three Les Paul Tributes I have reliced in the past.

gibson les paul honey burst 60s tribute heavy relic

GIBSON LES PAUL RELIC 60s Tribute GoldTopGIBSON LES PAUL RELIC 60s Tribute GoldTop Custom Road Worn p90 Guitar 10602

Gibson 60s Les Paul Tribute Sunburst Relic

So here I sit with this beauty of a guitar on my hands...and I'm just not sure. What do you think? Is this Gibbie just too much of a beauty to beat up? I'll let you know in the next month if I go through with it. Couple more pics below.

UPDATE: As of 6/20, this beauty sold, so it is no longer on the chopping block for a relic job! It's so nice, I hope it's going to a good home.

gibson tribute 60s les paul relic

gibson les paul tribute 60s honey burst guitar

gibson 60s tribute les paul electric guitar

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