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1998 TOM ANDERSON The Classic S Style Guitar Buzz Feiten Emerald Green 1198

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Cool green Tom Anderson, well worn and ready to rock.

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This is a 1998 Tom Anderson Strat style guitar in a beautiful green finish. It has been well loved in its 20-year life but is still rocking. Appears to be all original. Has an all maple neck, pearloid pickguard, Buzz Feiten system and 3 single coils. Wear around edges and other places. Pics show just some of it, but in general a well-worn mild relic guitar. I give all guitars a setup and set intonation before shipping, but you may want to have it set up to your exact specifications. Weight is 7 pounds, 4 ounces. Comes with gigbag. If buyer prefers a hard case, I can provide an aftermarket model at a fair price. Thanks for looking.

More info on condition:
Guitar comes with tremolo bar. The rear edge of guitar has two strap pegs for Schecter locking type, presumably two different spots you could attach your strap. Didn't show up in pics, but front of guitar has some extensive checking, which looks good to me and some starting on the back. I put one photo at bottom purposely overexposed. If you look above pickguard you can see some of the checking. First five frets show some mild grooves, and upper frets just uniform flattening, but lots of meat left on these large frets. Someone like me, I'd play it as-is. Those particular about their frets might want work done.

NOTE: I've had many questions about this guitar. So here's some answers. I pulled the pickguard (new pics now included)...and: It has all original TA components and pickups. The Tone knob pulls out and only affects the rear pickup (some kind of tone shaping). The 2-position mini-switch also affects thickness of tone and affects all switch positions. I assume neither of these controls is phasing because it makes tonal change even when only a single pickup is selected (I saw another listing for a similar Tom Anderson that listed switching options as "Master Splitter Switch, Vintage Voicing.") You'll see in the photo the pickups are an SD1, SD1R and SD2. The neck: First off it doesn't feel like any Fender or Gibson. The 14-inch radius means it's a wide, flat neck. Frets are jumbo and show significant wear. though it plays well all over the neck. You just feel the grooves if you bend a string, etc. My luthier says there is enough meat on the frets to do a fret level, and I've been considering doing this and selling this for more money, but for now selling it as-is. Width of neck (meaning measuring across the neck) is 1.672" at 1st fret and 2.00" at 12th fret. Thickness of neck (measuring front to back--where your thumb rests to front of fretboard) is .803" at 1st fret and .860" at 12th fret. I suppose this would be considered a "D" shaped neck (or a slim "C"?), meaning somewhat wide across and not quite as thick as a modern C shape. Thanks.

See below for video demo of similar guitar.

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