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2007 FENDER 69 TELECASTER THINLINE Semi-Hollow F-Hole 6-Pound Tele! 1434

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Fender Telecaster 69 Thinline--great guitar. 
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This is a 2007 Fender 69 Telecaster Thinline re-issue made in Mexico in natural finish. The semi-hollow body with F-hole makes for a really light guitar that feels great in the hands. As you'll see in online forums people rave about the necks on these Mexican made 69 Thinlines saying they are the best feeling Telecaster necks you can find. They are nice and chunky (7.25" radius), unlike the thin necks on the Japanese versions. They're also known to have better electronics parts than the MIJ versions. Also, the pickups on these sound amazing. Lot of Tele tones but powerful. The semi-hollow gives a much warmer sound than a normal Tele. The buyer of this guitar will be a happy camper. Get it before its gone cause they don't come around often. I just set this up with new strings and set intonation. It's ready to play and enjoy. Super clean condition, no major dings or scratches. An astonishingly lightweight 5 pounds, 14.5 ounces. 

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