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AVALON U5 Microphone Preamp DI Direct Box Class A Tube Pre Clean! 41244

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This is an Avalon U5 Class A preamp direct box in excellent working condition. All controls work like they should. the ultimate clean front end for any recording situation. Comes with power cable. I may end auction early if it sells elsewhere. Thanks for looking!

Manufacturer Info
With the U5 high-voltage DI Preamplifier you can conjure the sweet, vivid sounds your recordings deserve. A unique combination of passive tone selector and variable gain preamp and filter, the U5 accepts a wide variety of signal levels and instruments, everything from acoustic guitars to active bass guitars and keyboards. You'll be astounded at the magic you'll be able to work with the U5 in your studio. Tons of sonic character!

100% discrete, pure Class A mode
Variable gain preamp to +30dB
High input impedance 3 meg.
Very low noise -100dB
Dual mic and line level outputs
Six tone bank selections
High headroom +30dB output
HF cut switch eliminates noise
High level 400 w speaker input


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