BOSS CE-1 CHORUS ENSEMBLE VIBRATO Vintage Stereo Guitar Effect Pedal

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THE ultimate chorus pedal from the 70s. They just don't get better than this. 

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This is a vintage 1970s Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble pedal. These are known as the best chorus pedal around for good reason. Full, lush chorus with very simple controls. This pedal basically doesn't have any bad sounds. The vibrato onboard also sounds amazing. You get two vintage warm analog effects in one pedal and you can run it stereo or mono. This particular pedal is in great shape for its 40+ years. The gray exterior exhibits only some minor marks  and the silver faceplate also shows only minor wear. All knobs, buttons and switches are in good working order. It's ready to make great sounds! 

See video demo of similar pedal below.

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