CROWN D-75 DUAL CHANNEL Power Amplifier USA Amp Stereo / Mono XLR Vintage

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These are vintage power amps and industry standard.

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These are vintage USA made Crown D-75 power amps (3 available, $199/each). These have been used for years in studios and remote situations, the perfect small amp for nearfield monitoring. Clean steady power with XLR input or 1/4" true unbalanced inputs. Bare wire post for output. They put out 35 watts at 8 ohm stereo use, 45 watts at 4 ohms stereo, and 95 watts at 8 ohm mono. These work great for monitoring or as a headphone amp. They are super simple to use and the IOC overload lights actually give you useful information. These three units come directly from a professional post-production facility and I have tested them all myself. The one unit with the missing knob will be sold for $20 less (I will discount after the sale if you tell me you want that one.)

See video demo of similar unit below.

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