FENDER 2001 60s Classic Series TELECASTER Rosewood Board Thick Neck Black 57238

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Very nice 60s Tele in the black finish! 


You're looking at a 2001 Fender 60s Classic Series Telecaster in black, made in Mexico. The guitar is in excellent playing condition, and at 18 years old, the woods have had time to age a bit. And if you prefer Rosewood fretboard over Fender's current Pau Ferro, you're in luck. Neck woods are exceptional on this guitar. Super dark rich rosewood fretboard and beautiful creamy wood grain showing on back of neck. These 60s Tele's are supposed to have a C shaped neck, but this one feels more like the chunky necks you find on a Baja or Nashville Tele, so go figure, just want buyer to be aware of this. Feels great to my hands. Cosmetics are very nice with only some mild rash on the back and some small edge marks (pics below). Ashtray bridge, brass barrel saddles, nice vintage touches. Plays great. No issues. Frets and neck are clean. Weight is 7 pounds, 6 ounces. No case. Currently has a white Strat switch tip, but I can change that to a black Tele tip at buyer’s request. I do a full cleaning and setup on all guitars. (Details on my setups and packing at bottom of listingas well as full specs.) Thanks for looking. 

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What You get:
-- Full setup, cleaning, and new strings.
-- FREE USA shipping.
-- 30-day return policy.
-- Ship within 1 business day--pro packing.

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For guitarists who must have original-era Tele sound, look and feel, the Classic Series '60s Telecaster epitomizes the instrument during its second decade, when it solidified its well-earned reputation as a truly must-have instrument for stage and studio alike. With authentic features and finishes, everything about it takes you back to a wildly creative time when rock, pop, R&B and country became bigger than ever—from Bakersfield to psychedelia and more—and players were continually reminded of just what a phenomenally versatile workhorse the Telecaster really was.