FENDER 2015 RARE LILAC 60s Stratocaster KING TONE & Custom Shop Mods Strat 4402

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You're looking at a 2015 Fender Classic Series 60s Stratocaster Special Edition in Lilac. Really pretty color. Pictures don't do it justice. It's light lavender/lilac color like no other Fender you'll see. This guitar was given some upgrades. It has a Jesse Davey King Tone switch, which replaces the lower tone knob. You can Google it, but it's a $100 mod that gives you lots of blues tones, specifically Stevie Ray Vaughan sounds. The middle Tone knob does nothing. Also the pickups say Fender Custom Shop and all wiring is cloth. Pickguard and tremolo cover are also custom. Guitar is very pretty but has a few minor marks from playing (see pics). Set up great, playing great. Just given it a full cleaning, setup, and new strings. This was part of a limited run made in 2015 only for Guitar Center stores. No case or tremolo bar included. Thanks for looking!

 See video demo of the King Tone Switch below.

Fender 60s Classic Series Stratocaster

This exclusive Fender Strat will take you back to the days when rock and roll guitar took over the airwaves.
Want a guitar that absolutely oozes '60s style and feel? Look no further than this Guitar Center-exclusive Fender Classic Series '60s Stratocaster Electric Guitar. Automobiles of the '60s were known for their bold styling and unique finishes.
For this Special Edition Strat, Fender went back to the original vintage '60s auto paint sample sheets and chose stunning alternate custom colors. There will be six Guitar Center exclusive Special Edition '50s and '60s Strats in all, to be released throughout 2015. All Classic Series Strats have authentic '50s and '60s vintage style and original-spec parts, as you would expect.
Custom Lilac finish
Maple neck with C profile and “small” headstock
7.25”-radius rosewood fingerboard with 21 vintage-style frets
Vintage-spec '60s single-coil Stratocaster pickups with staggered pole pieces
Modern five-way pickup switch
Aged control knobs and switch tip
Mint 3-ply pickguard
Vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge
Jesse Davey King Tone Switch
Fits Inside Your Guitar
4 Tone Positions
True Bypass
5 Minute Easy Install
Replaces The Often Unused Lower Tone Control
Opens Up A Huge Range Of Incredible Tones
If there is a secret to great tone this might be it. Really!
The positions of the switch! 
Bypass. Your Normal Tone Is Un-Effected
100% Vaughan, Tubey Bite, Lots Of Attack, Fat, Warm
Albert, What Can I Say The Switch Was Named After Him
BB, Extremely Fat and Thick But Still Has Top End Bite.
This switch is fully encapsulated to protect against moisture. The design is 100% passive meaning you don’t need a battery. Its super easy to install, just two wires, one connects to the earth, the other wire connects to the Volume Pot. Easy!!
Its true bypass so it won’t effect your normal tone, but will you want to go back to your normal tone?

What You get:

-- Full setup, cleaning, and new strings.

-- FREE USA shipping ($75 international).

-- Full 30-day return policy.

-- Ship within 1 business day--pro packing.