FENDER BASSMAN 1965 Blackface Head NICE Condition! 60s Amp AA165

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You're looking at a vintage 1965 blackface Fender Bassman. It's in excellent cosmetic and playing condition. The tolex is in very good shape and the grille cloth is not ripped. However, the color of the grille cloth may indicate it's not the original one. I took some pics of the internal components and some caps have been replaced. It has had a "bias mod," so bias can be set. Also the power cord is a 3-prong type. It has a "OI" code on the tube chart, which indicates a likely September 1965 production, according to the Fender website. I recently opened up the amp and sprayed out all pots and they are operating nice and quiet.

Serial number is A16792. Nice set of tubes: includes two USA-made Tung-Sol 5881 power tubes. Pre-amp tubes are: 2 GE USA-made, 1 Fender Yugoslavian, and 1 National Chinese made tubes. Please ask all questions BEFORE buying. Thanks for looking.

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