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Fender FENDER 60s Vintage BLACKFACE CHAMP AMP Clean! Upgraded Weber Speaker + Original

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This is a vintage Fender blackface Champ Amp in awesome shape. I was told it was 1964-65 when I bought it from Guitar Center. I believe the “O” on the tube chart means 1965, but please do your research, as dating amps is not an exact science. First thing I did when I got this was blow out some dust from rear of cab with compressed air and it tore the very frail original speaker cone. So I immediately replaced it with a quality Weber Alnico Signature Series 4-ohm 15-watt speaker, which actually is a huge upgrade in tone. The original speaker will be included and could easily be re-coned to bring the amp back to stock. Most people will tell you replacements sound better than the original ones, however. The tubes in this include a couple vintage RCA tubes and a modern Mullard 12ax7. As the pics show, the tolex and speaker grille are in excellent condition. Everything on it looks great. The sound is amazing. Power cable looks original and the plug is a little beat up but works fine. The power light on the front is out. I got it that way and never bothered replacing it. That’s about it. Message with any questions BEFORE buying. Thanks for looking.

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