FENDER RARE White Blonde 50s Classic Series TELECASTER w Rosewood Board MIM 3331

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Rare White Blonde Tele w/ Rosewood fretboard.

This here may be a bit of a rare duck. It appears to be a 2015 Fender Classic Series 50s Telecaser in White Blonde finish. Only problem? Fender didn't make this model with a rosewood board. They have all maple necks. My theory is previous owner added the neck from a 60s Classic Series Tele (and also the 3-ply white pickguard) Please do your own research and feel free to message me and correct me, but far as I can tell, Fender didn't offer this combo of features recently on a Mexican made Tele. The guitar is nearly like new. No marks, dings, or scratches except for one small yellowed area near the jack. I just set this up with new strings and set intonation. It really plays and looks nice. Get this rare bird before it flies away. It's ready to play and enjoy. No case. Weight is 8 pounds, 14 ounces. Thanks for looking.

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