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Hard to find Billie Joe in TV Yellow. 
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You're looking at a 2012 Gibson Les Paul Junior Double Cutaway Billie Joe Signature in TV Yellow finish. The guitar is in excellent cosmetic and playing condition. It will come to you set up and ready to play with new strings. It features a legendary P-90 pickup on a mahogany body--a combination that produces tons of sustain and big, warm guitar tones. The included Gibson gig bag has a white fur interior and works great. Also includes original factory paperwork. 

Cosmetically, there are no bad dings or scratches. The only imperfections to be found are a hard to see mark on the upper edge (not through the finish) and the beginning of some checking on the back of the neck (see pics). It's a solid 9/10 condition. Frets show no grooves or major wear. Neck feels awesome with the Slim 60s profile. My setup will include setting intonation, string height, polishing frets and oil the neck. Everyone is different and you may want it set up to your exact specifications, but it'll come to you with a good basic setup out of the box. Weight is 7 pounds, 9 ounces. 
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-- Full setup, cleaning, and new strings.
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Manufacturer Info:
Designed in close cooperation with Billie Joe, this double-cutaway Les Paul Junior has a solid mahogany body and neck, wraparound bridge/tailpiece, and stacked double-coil H90 pickup to combines the best features of a vintage Junior with some modern twists.
Solid Mahogany Body and Set-Neck Construction
Two of the most central features of the Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Les Paul Junior are its solid mahogany body, and its set-neck construction, or glued neck joint. Like the majority of Gibson's classic guitars, the neck of the Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Les Paul Junior is set into the body's neck cavity using glue, which ensures a "wood-to-wood" contact, no air space in the neck cavity, and maximum contact between the neck and the body, thus allowing the neck and body to function as a single unit. The result: Better tone, better sustain, and no loose or misaligned necks.
'60s Slim-Taper Neck Profile
No guitar neck profiles are more distinguishable than the neck profiles employed on the Gibson models of today. The '60s neck profile on the Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Les Paul Junior is the more modern, slim-tapered neck most commonly associated with the Les Paul and SG models of the early 1960s. As with all Gibson necks, it is machined in Gibson's rough mill using wood shapers to make the initial cuts. Once the Granadillo fingerboard gets glued on, the rest”including the final sanding”is done by hand. That means there are no two necks with the exact same dimensions. So while it still has the basic characteristics of the '60s slim-taper profile, each neck will be slightly different, with a distinct but traditional feel.
Special H-90 Pickup
Gibson's H-90 stacked double-coil pickup is the result of a close collaboration with Billie Joe Armstrong. It offers the snarl and punch of a classic, vintage P-90, but with none of the 60-cycle hum that usually plagues traditional single-coil pickups. This was accomplished by simply taking two single-coils and stacking them on top of each other, resulting in the hum cancellation effect that occurs in a regular humbucker. With a few adjustments, Gibson's engineers were then able to give the H-90 the vintage sonic characteristics of a single-coil.
Wraparound Tailpiece
A classic piece of hardware, the non-compensated wraparound bridge/tailpiece on the Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Les Paul Junior offers a simplicity and functionality that is hard to match. It provides a firm seating for the strings, and allows the player to adjust intonation and string height as needed. It also yields a great union between the strings and body, which results in excellent tone and sustain.