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Gibson Les Paul Less Plus + Desert Burst OHSC 2015 Very Clean! No Robots! 72619

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This is a 2015 Gibson Les Paul Less Plus in Desert Burst finish in very clean playing and cosmetic condition. Comes with original gold case and all factory paperwork including "baby picture." These have 57 Classic humbuckers and a coil split mini-switch that splits both pickups. Thin contoured body for light weight. The robot tuners have been replaced with Kluson Deluxe tuners.

A beautiful guitar. No big marks or dings. Only imperfections are some very minor scuffs on back of body and scuff on back of neck. These are all mild and hard to capture on camera. I believe many could be buffed out. If you look at picture of back of body, you'll see what looks like a horizontal scratch. I have since buffed it and it almost disappeared. There is also a rectangular mark on back near the strap peg that you can't capture in pics. Almost looks like a piece of tape was there. All these are minor imperfections and I think most people would call this "very clean" condition. Frets are still in good shape with only some very mild wear on first few frets. Still has the plastic on the pickguard. Weight is 7 pounds, 8 ounces. I do a full cleaning and setup on all guitars. (Details on my setups and packing at bottom of listing.) Thanks for looking!

What You Get

-- Full setup, cleaning, and new strings.
-- FREE USA shipping.
-- 30-day return policy.
-- Ship within 1 business day--pro packing.

Guitar Setup
All setups are done by our in-house luthier. Setup includes new strings (9s or 10s depending on what the nut is cut for), overall polish, cleaning any gunk off fingerboard, oiling neck, and polishing frets when necessary. We spray out any pots that are noisy, turn the truss rod (if necessary) and set string height at low-to-medium action depending on string buzz present. Since setup is highly subjective you may need to get it set to your particular needs by your personal luthier. Basses get the same treatment minus the string change. Thanks!

I use quality boxes, thick bubble wrap, and peanuts to pack guitars. I have a very high rate of successful guitar and bass shipping (meaning few damaged instruments). I have been doing this 10 years and know how to pack well--with or without a hard case. I wrote a detailed story with photos on how I pack a guitar, which you can find on my StillKickinMusic site blog. If you Google "THERE IN ONE PIECE...How to Pack a Guitar" you will find it. Thanks.

Manufacturer Info
• The 2015 Gibson LP Less Plus has a thinner Mahogany body with traditional body rout and a figured Maple top. Neck profile is a rounded C and the fingerboard is bound Rosewood with Pearl Trapezoid inlays.
• Hardware is a nickel Tune-o-Matic bridge with stop bar tail piece. "57 Classic and "57 Classic Plus pickups, with Mini-toggle coil spilt. Finish is a gloss lacquer with 3 color options: Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Fire Burst and Desert Burst.
• To continue the classic look the 2015 LP Less Plus has amber top hat knobs and ships in a Gibson hard-shell case.
Get Your Hands On the Les Paul Less Plus!
The Gibson Les Paul Less Plus solidbody electric guitar brings classic and modern appointments together in a killer axe. This guitar's contoured, extra-slim back gives you exceptional playing comfort while its duo of '57 Classic and Classic Plus humbuckers delivers classic tone that's ideal for any gig or recording session. The bound, rounded C-profile mahogany neck is capped with a thick, 1-piece rosewood fingerboard - an ideal foundation for fast fretwork and comfortable bends. And the G-Force tuning system not only keeps you in tune, but it also lets you easily experiment with alternate tunings. If you crave classic humbucking tone, modern playability, and extreme comfort, then you need to check out the Gibson Les Paul Less Plus.

Gibson Les Paul Less Plus Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:
Contoured, extra-slim back and rounded C-profile neck for increased playing comfort
'57 Classic humbuckers give you amazing tonal versatility, power, and sustain
G-Force automatic tuning system delivers perfect intonation - and more
Gibson's four Cs plan ensures top-quality components
Contoured, extra-slim back and rounded C-profile neck for increased playing comfort
Comfort and playability were two of Gibson's primary concerns when they were designing the 2015 Les Paul Less Plus. This guitar's neck and fingerboard are .050" wider on each side, making bends and vibrato much easier on your outer strings. For your shredding pleasure, the 1-piece bound rosewood fingerboard is sanded and buffed to silky smoothness and finished with an all-new oil treatment. Also, Gibson's new patent-pending Zero Fret Nut can be easily adjusted with a hex key if your action is too high - no filing necessary. You'll be amazed at how this guitar's rounded C-neck profile compensates for its wider dimensions - we're talking uber-comfortable playability! And speaking of comfort, the Less Plus features a contoured, extra-slim back that reduces weight and fits you like a glove whether you're playing seated or standing.

'57 Classic humbuckers give you amazing tonal versatility, power, and sustain
Gibson's Les Paul Less Plus is fitted with a pair of PAF-style humbuckers - a '57 Classic in the neck position and a Classic Plus at the bridge. Favorites among Sweetwater guitarists, these pickups sport authentic Alnico II magnets and are wound with 42-AWG enamel-coated wire - just like the originals. The coils are wax potted to ward off microphonic squeal, making them the perfect pups for your high-gain excesses. This dynamic duo serves up articulate, warm voicings from the neck position, soaring liquid bridge tones, and a broad range of sweet crunch in between. And for the icing on the cake, Les Paul Less Plus features a mini-toggle switch that lets you split the coils for chimey single-coil spank.

G-Force automatic tuning system delivers perfect intonation - and more
If you loved Gibson's Min-ETune tuning system, then you'll love their newly developed G-Force even more. Thanks to G-Force, not only can you tune your 2015 Les Paul Less Plus solidbody electric guitar with a single strum, but you can also make use of alternate tunings without having to retune or switch guitars. You can also calibrate your guitar to an external source. Say you have a vintage piano that's not quite tuned to A440. Now, thanks to G-Force, the piano and your guitar can play together beautifully with no tuning hassles.

Gibson's four Cs plan ensures top-quality components
When buying diamonds, there are four characteristics that are used to grade or select the stones. These are known as the four Cs: carat, cut, clarity, and color. Gibson has implemented a similar system to grade their guitars' components: weight, top contour, grain structure/purity, and grain figure/depth. By putting this system into action, Gibson can ensure that all of their guitars are built using top-grade materials.

Gibson Les Paul Less Plus Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:
Mahogany body and traditional body rout with figured maple top
Fast mahogany neck with rounded C-profile
Thick, 1-piece bound rosewood fingerboard with classy pearl trapezoid inlays
Contoured, extra-slim back gives you exceptional playing comfort
'57 Classic and Classic Plus deliver classic humbucker tone
Mini-toggle lets you split the coils for chimey single-coil spank
Cream plastics, amber top hats
Tune faster and more accurately with the G-Force system
Zero Fret Nut with adjustable action
Wider neck and fingerboard for increased playing comfort
New Tune-o-matic bridge with hex wrench adjustment on thumbscrews for easy action adjustment
Professional setup, including new PLEK program for accurate intonation
Smoother sanded/buffed fingerboard with new oil treatment
Improved jack design for uninterrupted signal
Gloss lacquer nitro finish for optimum tone and played-in vintage feel
Removable LP pick guard - no screws required
Les Paul hologram on back of headstock
Handcrafted by Gibson luthiers in Nashville, Tennessee
Hardshell case included