GROOVE TUBES GT THE BRICK Rare! Tube Microphone Preamp DI Clean Condition 06064

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Rare little preamp! 
You're looking at a Groove Tubes "The Brick" portable desktop preamp and direct box. These babies are built like tanks and they add warmth to anything you're recording--any mic or instrument. This one looks nearly new. The exterior, switches, and knob all look great. I have used these in the studio and they can handle anything you throw at them. Not an overbearing preamp. Just smoothes everything out and adds a touch of warmth. Comes with power cable. I will pack it well. Please note, I sell in several internet locations and reserve the right to end auction early if it sells elsewhere. Thanks for looking!

Manufacturer Info
Arguably the most fully featured piece of studio or stage gear, Groove Tubes' The Brick does a whole lot in a single, super-rugged package. Not only is The Brick the ultimate DI box and instrument preamp for injecting a bit of good ol' tube tone into your signal onstage and in the studio, it's a fantastic mic pre. Plug in your favorite mic - condenser, dynamic, or ribbon - and enjoy the unmistakable fatness that can only mean tube and transformers!

The isolated balanced low impedance output lets you run any instrument or mic signal over very long cable runs with no signal degradation. The Brick also provides either unity gain or variable output level control for up to 55dB of all-tube gain! The Brick offers perfect tube tone and isolation for vintage keyboards, electric bass and acoustic/electric guitars with internal transducer type pickups. Plus, onboard phantom power allows the use of high quality condenser mics on stage. Best of all, The Brick is very aptly named, giving you a solid performer that's right at home in the studio, but is so rugged that even the most demanding tours won't phase it!
A tube mic/instrument pre for the studio or stage.
A tube line driver.
Phantom power, true transformer output, plus an available gain of +55db.
The Brick will handle dynamic mics, condenser mics, and ribbon mics.
The Brick can run 1000 feet and more without the losses of simple direct boxes.

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