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One of a kind collector piece--10th USA prototype made by Tim Wilson.

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This is a Line 6 James Tyler JTV-89 in Blood Red finish in excellent playing condition. It has no serial number and is identified in the battery compartment as the 10th prototype off the line in the USA with the initials "TW," standing for Tim Wilson, legendary Charvel/Jackson master luthier who oversaw production of the James Tyler Variax US Custom Series guitars.

This guitar was formerly owned by a famous (to remain unnamed) artist and has seen road time with marks to prove it, but it has been well maintained and plays great. Comes with G&G hard case, battery, and charger. Hipshot tuners were standard on the early USA models. Date of production was March 14, 2010, which puts it a year before the JTV guitars were launched. Wildwood guitars made the bodies and necks for the early prototypes. Tim Wilson did assembly in Apple Valley, California. Kurt Hendrick (famous designer who made the Jackson Custom Shop Generator guitar for Billy Gibbons) did most of the body design. So the buyer of this guitar will be looking at owning a guitar personally designed and crafted by some legendary names. Just in case you don't know about Tim Wilson, here's some info from Wiki:

"As Jackson/Charvel's original master builder, Tim was instrumental in bringing many of the models they are known for today into existence: the 'Randy Rhoads', 'Soloist', and 'Dinky Strat' were all created from prototypes he made between 1979 and 1980...Hired by Grover Jackson in January of 1979 ... He made the first "Dinky Strat" model for Charvel and the now-famous Strat style necks from that period. ... He served as Plant Manager of the Custom Shop for 12 years, and then, after Fender purchased Jackson, spent five years as Jackson Production Manager. Now Wilson is back at the bench overseeing the production of the James Tyler Variax US Custom Series guitars. ..."

Please look at all photos and ask any questions before buying. This is not a museum piece, rather a historical USA piece for a James Tyler and/or Tim Wilson aficionado. Weight is 8 pounds, 6 ounces. Number 2 behind bridge is a removable decal. I do a full cleaning and setup on all guitars. (Details on my setups and packing at bottom of listing.) Thanks for looking.

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