MACKIE 808S STEREO 1200W Powered PA Mixer Board -- RARE "Made in USA" 808 15780

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Mackie reliable rugged 808S stereo powered mixer--Made in USA model.

You're looking at a Mackie 808S 1200watt stereo powered PA mixer in great working and cosmetic condition. They made these in the USA for a short time and then switched production to China. Just look at the small text on rear near the serial number (picture below). I've sold several of these and most say "Made in China." This is a Made in USA model. Definitely a big plus. Has built-in effects (reverbs, delays, chorus, gates). This is the stereo version of this PA--meaning you can pan instruments or voices left and right in your PA mix. So if you mic guitars or drums you can place them in a stereo mix, or just put different voices on different sides of the mix. You can also plug stereo sources into channels 7 and 8 and hear them in true stereo through the PA. The "808M" version does not have a "Pan" knob and only allows for mono sources. Eight channels. All have been tested. Cosmetically, pretty good. Only some minor use marks (see pics). All controls intact and working. It comes with power cable. I have sold and shipped several of these and know how to pack them right--SEE PICS AT BOTTOM SHOWING HOW I PACKED A PREVIOUS 808S!). Thanks for looking!

See below for video demo of similar unit.

Manufacturer Info
The Mackie 808S powered mixer is best described as a stereo version if the 808M. The mixer is designed to handle sound reinforcement amplification and mixing in small or large venues, businesses, conference rooms and outdoor settings. The mixer boasts an impressive 1200 Watts at 2 ohms from twin 600-watt FR Series high-current power amps. Featuring 8-balanced 1/4" TRS Phone inputs and 8-XLR inputs with phantom power for condenser microphones. All channels feature Pan control and each mic preamp features Mackie's patented VLZ technology resulting in high headroom and very low noise floor. The EMAC effects processor engine provides 32-bit effect processing. Effect algorithms include reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, phaser and more. Dual 9-band EQ's provide final frequency contouring on Main and Monitor outputs.

1,200 real watts/2 ohms from twin 600-watt FR Series High-Current power amps
Power amps switchable as stereo mains or main plus monitor
8 mic/line channels with master phantom power
Stereo line inputs on channels 7 and 8
Inserts on channels 1-6
Active 3-band EQ and stereo pan control on each channel
True stereo 9-band graphic EQ on mains
9-band graphic EQ on monitors

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